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Simon Tolson PWOC Osteopath

Osteopathy What is Osteopathy-Holistic Therapy


I have been visiting Petts Wood Osteopathic clinic for my back, which I have had previous surgery on. Simon has helped me improve my pain management and mobility, including giving ecxercises to strengthen my low back. Also advised me on what exercise I can and can't do on a regular bases, which up until now no one had been able to help me with in any gym. Very professional approach and good care, highly recommend.


Have visited Simon Tolson for a number of different sports injuries over the years and he has always provided excellent treatment, and advice on rehabilitation. This is in contrast to some other osteopaths and physios who I have seen. I can not recommend him more highly.


A quality service provided by a quality Osteopath. Also teaches so is up to date with current thinking in the profession. Very experienced in the field of sports injuries! Thanks for all your help and treatment. Rating: 5/5


17 years ago, when I suffered a slipped disc it was treated very successfully with osteopathic manipulation. Over the past decade, I have regularly suffered from uncomfortable stiffness in my neck/shoulders and low back/hips, and for this I have not found manipulation helpful. I go to Simon because he practises a form of osteopathy called Harmonics. This is a more relaxing method which eases out the tension and I have found it excellent. The improvement is immediate and I can't recommend Harmonics or Simon highly enough.

Mrs C

November 10, 2012 - Simon is a great osteopath. He sorted my daughter's ankle, after she had been told for over 12 years she'd just have to live with it. He's also very good with sports injuries, backs etc. I've used his expertise and am very happy to recommend him. Rating: 5/5 Value: 5/5

Bash Kaifi

I spent over 10 years teaching with Simon and can confidently say that his knowledge in the sports rehab, sports injuries and general management of sporting problems was excellent. I would highly recommend him as someone to help you meet and exceed your exercise performance.

Pilates What is Pilates

Vic Harvey (64 years of age) & Sheelagh Harvey (61 years of age).

What can we say? My wife and I got to know Simon through having osteopathy treatment with him, he specialises in treating sports injuries and looks after professional athletes. I went to him for treatment for chronic neck pain and Simon got me pain-free very quickly. My wife (on my recommendation) went to Simon because she had acute back pain and, again, was out of pain after just a few treatments. We have been doing Pilates under Simon's instruction for 3 or 4 years. Pilates is a fun time with Simon, he has a very good sense of humour and is extremely knowledgeable. He uses his knowledge to ensure that the exercises he uses are just right for us both, keeping in mind our individual fitness levels and areas of strength and weakness. Through Pilates with Simon we have greatly increased our stamina, flexibility, well-being and general fitness. We would have no hesitation in recommending Simon's Pilates classes to anyone and of any age.

Mary (74 years of age)


Went to see Simon because of acute bad back pain – after treatment, back is normal. Heard that he did Pilates – so thought I would go along. He is very well informed – uses exercises that are just right for your fitness and age (74). I greatly enjoy the sessions with Simon. We have fun as well as working hard. Feel that it has increased my general fitness – feel exhilarated – look forward to going each week – why don't you join!

November 24th 2013 Pilates Instructors Course for Osteopaths.

Pilates Instruction Course

Samantha - Thanks Simon, I really enjoyed it.

Stephan - Was good fun and helpful.

Poppie - Had a fab and hilarious day, learned how not to do it, and I used it today on one of my patients. Thanks very much.

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