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Sports Injury Osteopathic Principles

The aim of osteopathic treatment is to restore and improve function, so that the body can fulfill its potential to self heal and adapt to become stronger. The first stage of the evaluation is a full case history, which involves detailed information concerning the onset of the condition, the symptoms, any previous conditions, training techniques, level of sport, motivation, coaching, equipment used, warm up/down, any medication and previous medical history. This correlated with the information from the physical and clinical examination provides an overall individual assessment.

Sports Injury Osteopathic Principles
Sports Injury Osteopathic Principles

Osteopathy goes beyond the Injury

It is by removing the obstacles that reduce the blood and nerve supply to the site of injury that the mechanism of repair can proceed. Correction of the biomechanics of non-symptomatic areas reduces the stress and strain that may hinder a complete recovery after return to sport. By balancing the body especially with fascial unwinding not only will the body return to fitness but it will return to a state where it can once again improve.

Osteopathy and Sports Injury Petts Wood
For Spinal Alignment - Check with your Osteopath

Osteopathy and Injury Prevention

A full assessment can lead to injury prevention by acknowledging areas of stress, which if worked on can reduce risk factors to future injuries, and prosper performance. The medical profession are at best average in the treatment of sports injuries and worse in their knowledge of injury prevention. How often have you been to the GP or A&E and been told "It's a sports injury - self inflicted - just rest". This is very frustrating and in my opinnion very poor service. My aim is always to restore full function and make you more adatable to the stresses and strains of your sport.

Structure and Function

With a specialist knowledge in anatomy and physiology osteopaths fully understand how the body parts relate to each other and the functioning of the human body. Many doctors have lost this detailed knowlege as they no longer use it on a daily bases, instead they are preoccupied with drugs. Osteopathy should be your first point of call for sports injuries even before a physiotherapist, as we take a much more holistic view of the body and mind.

Sports Medicine Petts Wood

Usually when you have seen a Doctor or Physiotherapist and they have just looked locally at the injury without examining your biomechanics to see if there could be an underlying cause to your injury in the form of weakness, lack of mobility or even inappropriate conditioning. This is what makes me so unique to deal with your injury - by looking more holistically at your body, your emotions, your mental attitude, your training and even your diet, osteopathic management can go much further than the usual reductionist treatment of orthodox medicine.

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