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Principal Simon Tolson  - The longest established Clinic in Petts Wood
 Tel: 01689 827247 / M: 07971 314047

With over 23 years experience in Petts Wood.

London Borough of Bromley; much more than an osteopathic clinic.        

Seminars/Workshops at PWOC  Simon Tolson Osteopath

Sports Medicine to Russian Osteopathic Students in St Petersburg November 2016

Sports Medicine Course Simon Tolsom
Sports Medicine Course

Teaching neck manipulation at the ESO July 2016

Neck Manipulation with Simon Tolson

The last course at PWOC was The Institute of Osteopathic Pilates Instructors Course

Pilates with Simon Tolsom

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Pilates Instructors Course

I have been teaching Pilates since 2002 and at PWOC we have 12 regular classes. As an osteopath I understand the benefits Pilates has to patients with back problems. For the last 5 years I have been teaching both Osteopaths and Physiotherapists to become Pilates Instructors with my own take on Pilates for a healthy spine and body. My last course started on September 13th 2015.

Sports Medicine to Russian Osteopaths in Moscow

Sports Medicine Course Simon Tolsom
Sports Medicine Course

Three day Sports Medicine Course.

I flew out to Moscow on the 30th April to present a three day seminar on Sports Medicine to Osteopaths in Russia. This is part of my international teaching I do each year. This course provided the participants with an insight into my 20 years' experience of treating sports injuries from an osteopathic point of view - which is far more holistic than physiotherapy! The course included the causes of sports injuries, their treatment and the management of the person in their rehabilitation both physically and mentally.

Fascial Unwinding Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th April 2015

Petts Wood Osteopath, Back Pain Petts Wood, Back Pain BR5
Osteopathic Fascial Unwinding Course

Discover Fascial Unwinding

A one day course of Fascial Unwinding for Osteopaths - taking the body and limbs through a series of rhythmical rotational movements to work on unwinding fascial torsions and strains held deep within the body's muscular system. Suitable for osteopaths, physiotherapist, massage therapist and students of these. Topics covered were anatomy, fascia tissue, it's use and concept of unwinding. How to and when to apply the techniques. 7 Hours CPD.

A great day had - thank you to the students.

"Simon excellent teacher in that the more than 20 years of experience on osteopathy, done with it all very simply and with pratical. A good course! Ready to put it on pratice. Thank you simon, with you I learned that the fascia is a wonderful world."

By Tania P 13.04.15

The last courses at PWOC  were a Pilates Instructors Course and a Sports Injury Course

Sports Injury Prevention

Click the link to get to the Pilates Instructors Course.

November 24th 2013 a Pilates Instructors Course for Osteopaths.

Pilates Instruction Course

Samantha - Thanks Simon, I really enjoyed it.

Stephan - Was good fun and helpful.

Poppie - Had a fab and hilarious day, learned how not to do it, and I used it today on one of my patients. Thanks very much.

Click the link to get to Pilates Instructors Course.

Pilates Workshop

October 6th 2013 a Pilates Instructors Course for Osteopaths.

Ellie - Thank you for teaching us, was a really good course.

Rayner - Thank you thank you thank you. I'm not aching... Yet! But was practicing my 'zipping up' and breathing driving back!

Sophie - Thanks for a good course. I learnt loads. Hopefully I don't have to bug you with too many questions over the next few weeks!!!

Teaching manipulation to Russian Students at the ESO 13th July 2012 Maidstone.

Teaching manipulation to Russian Students

Teaching manipulation to Russian Students

Teaching Spinal manipulation to Russian Students

The Pilates Instructor Course by Simon Tolson.

Pilates Workshop

July 8th a pilates course for Osteopaths

Pilates for osteopaths

Thanks guys for attending this course, was a great day and you all did extremely well and can be proud to call yourself a Pilates Instructor.

The Stretching seminar / workshop by Simon Tolson.

Stretch Into Splits

Photos from the very successful workshop

Stretch Into Splits

Stretch Into Splits

Stretch Into Splits

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