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With over 25 years experience of treating sports injuries.

Osteopathy should be your number one choice for Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation

Sports Injury Treatment in Petts Wood   Petts Wood Osteopathic Clinic: Sports Injury Prevention

Types of Treatment

Osteopathy is a holistic therapy, treatment is different for everyone, and is aimed at improving the structure and function of the whole body. Osteopathic treatment is usually a hands on approach, although other modalities can be used such as needles, cupping and eletrical stimulation. Treatment can be gentle or quite hard depending on the problem and the age of the patient. We try to keep treatment to a minimal of discomfort and I personally do force any manipulations through which can lead to prolonged discomfort afterwards.

Osteopathy is a holistic therapy

Osteopathy is Hands on Treatment.

The manual therapy includes massage, articulation, manipulation, stretching, gentle rhythmical movements, fascial unwinding and techniques unique to osteopathy such as harmonics, functional and cranial. Emphasis is placed on increasing range of movement, decreasing muscle tension, and improving the circulation of the blood and lymph. The effect is to stimulate healing and improve physiology.

Sports Injury Treatment in Petts Wood
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Rehabilitation continues with the possible use of strapping, and prescription of stretching and core strengthening exercises, according to the nature of the problem. Part of the management may include relaxation techniques, NLP, advice on contrast bathing, anti-inflammatory drugs, nutrition, and the motivation to regain full fitness.

It's in the detail!

With an expert knowledge in anatomy and physiology osteopaths fully understand how the body parts relate to each other and the functioning of the human body. Many doctors have lost this detailed knowlege as they no longer use it on a daily bases, instead they are preoccupied with drugs. Osteopathy should be your first point of call for sports injuries even before a physio, as we take a much more holistic view of the body and mind.

Petts Wood Sports Injury Clinic
Sports Injury Clinic Petts Wood

Have you previously seen a Doctor or Physiotherapist and they have just looked locally at the injury without examining your biomechanics to see if there could be an underlying cause to your injury in the form of weakness, lack of mobility or even inappropriate conditioning. This is what makes me so unique to deal with your injury - by looking more holistically at your body, your emotions your mental attitude, your training and even your diet, osteopathic management can go much further than the usual reductionist treatment of orthodox medicine.

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