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Pilates Group and Individual Classes in Petts Wood - With Simon Tolson

With over 15 years experience of teaching.

Pilates Classes for improving your health and life style. Learn Pilates in small groups in a friendly studio.

Eight Principles Of Pilates   Pilates in Petts Wood

The Principles Of Pilates:

Once you have learnt the basics of correct breathing, stabilizing and correct alignment you can move onto to learning the sequences which bring together the Eight Principles of Pilates. During his lifetime, Joseph Pilates was constantly modifying his programme, adapting the exercises according to the needs of his clients. Since his death, the method has continued to be modified but the essence of Joseph Pilates remains in his Eight Principles:

Relaxation: This is very important when starting Pilates. Learning to relax and recognize areas of tension that need releasing.

Concentration: It is the mind itself that builds the body and the important connection between mind and body comes with concentration.

Alignment: Proper alignment is the key to good posture. Learning to feel our posture helps correct it.

Breathing: Natural, conscious breathing patterns coordinated with movement helps activate the muscles needed for our core strength.

Centring: Focusing on the muscles of the pelvic floor and deep abdominals develops a strong core and good posture.

Co-ordination: When combining two or three movements we go through the phases of learning to achieve coordination.

Flowing Movements: Pilates requires smooth, continuous movement, which is effortless but strong.

Stamina: Endurance is built up slowly, which challenges strength and stability.

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Above all learn how to breathe correctly. Joseph Pilates

Mastering Lateral Breathing:

Lateral breathing in Pilates is probably the most difficult aspect to master. As the principles of Pilates are on core stability we are using the deep lower abdominal muscles which prevent the breath from travelling down into the lower belly. We are also concentrating on shoulder stability, which prevents the breath from staying high in the chest. So if it can?t go down and it can?t stay up, it has to go out laterally using the expansion of the rib cage to the sides. This area of the body can be a little stiff and needs time to regain its elasticity. After some work with the breathing and mobility exercises you will soon learn how to breathe correctly and effortlessly.

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There are some mnemonics to help remember Pilates and its' principles:

P = Posture, Precision, Poise, Practical, Powerful, Pelvic Floor.

I = Intense, Informative, Intelligent, Internal, Improvement.

L = Learning, Lengthening, Loosening, Lasting, Longevity, Lifestyle.

A = Agility, Appreciation, Activity, Athletic, Awareness, Alignment.

T = Thinking, Training, Toning, Total, Transverse Abdominus.

E = Efficient, Educational, Enjoyable, Elastic, Energy, Expanding.

S = Stability, Strength, Slender, Sequential, Suppleness, Stamina.

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