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Osteopathic Treatment

Osteopathy is an holistic therapy; treatment is different for everyone, and is aimed at improving the structure and function of the whole body. Osteopathic treatment is usually a hands on approach, although other modalities can be used such as needles, cupping and electrical stimulation. Treatment can be gentle or quite hard depending on the problem and the age of the patient. We try to keep treatment to a minimum of discomfort and I personally do not force any manipulations through which can lead to prolonged discomfort afterwards.

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Osteopathic Treatment in Petts Wood

Types of Treatment

The manual therapy includes massage, articulation, manipulation, stretching, gentle rhythmical movements, fascial unwinding and techniques unique to osteopathy such as harmonics, functional and cranial. It takes 4 years to train as an osteopath on a full time course; with each year after graduating my osteopathic techniques have become more and more refined so patients require a fewer number of treatments to recover.

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Sports Massage - Petts Wood

Osteopathic Principles

Emphasis is placed on increasing range of movement, decreasing muscle tension, and improving the circulation of the blood and lymph. The effect is to stimulate healing and improve the body's physiology. Often the aim of treatment is to encourage the body to heal itself more naturally and in less time. Treatment can also remove the obstacles that can cause the return of problems often neglected by other therapies.

Treatment is Tailor made

Here at the Petts Wood Osteopathic Clinic we are able to apply techniques to suit the patient and if requested will not use a form of treatment if a patient does not like any particular modality of technique such as strong manipulation.

Sports Osteopath in Petts Wood

We are also skilled in the use of Energy healing and working with meridians as an additional tool to our therapy. Sometimes acupuncture needles maybe used with permission in what is called dry needling to help treat your condition.

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